Community Programs

Safety programs and community involvement

IUPD officers want to get to know students and staff before trouble occurs so they can share crime prevention tips, traffic changes and other useful information. They want to build relationships so that students and staff feel comfortable calling for help or other services and so police and the community can work together for campus safety.

IUPD-Bloomington offers a range of safety programs, including bike safety tips for kids, active shooter response and the more intensive 12-hour Rape Aggression Defense course for women. Officers can customize presentations to the safety needs of the groups.

Officers and division leadership can participate in panel discussions about law enforcement topics and attend festivals and other activities where students and staff may want to talk with them in a more informal setting. Contact Sgt. Brian Oliger about safety programs and officer availability for community events.

Learn about safety programs

To view programs presented by other departments within the University, please visit the Culture of Care website.

  • FVG (Fatal Vision Goggles)
    This is a program which is designed to enhance awareness of the effects of alcohol consumption on the body's ability to perform basic physical tasks. This is accomplished by wearing the goggles which are optically designed to create visual impairment and then having subjects attempt tasks as instructed by the officer conducting the program. There currently is no specific eligibility requirement for participation in this program. The program is typically conducted upon request and lasts about 30 minutes. There is no cost to the participant. The equipment required to conduct the program is provided by the IU Police Department. The program is offered at a variety of locations both indoors and out.
  • Workplace Violence
    This is an informative and interactive program designed to educate and heighten awareness of workplace violence issues and potential precursor events. There is no specific eligibility requirement for this program. It is offered upon request and will last 45 minutes or longer. There is no cost to the participant. There are no specific equipment needs for this program. It is offered in any location suitable for audience attendance.